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Soul Conversations

What does clinical counselling have to do with soul conversations?

Soul (sol) noun : the spiritual or immaterial essence/part, animating principal of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.  A persons moral or emotional nature or sense of identity.

So many of us lose connection with this deeper part of self.  This often begins to happen in our childhood, we begin freer to create, play, imagine and to dream.  I’m sure we’ve all watched children play in mud puddles, or marvel over a rainbow or a snowflake.  Then through what Rogers calls conditions of worth, we begin to put this part of ourselves away to be accepted, to be seen as worthy, smart.  Jung talks about this shift in consciousness as allowing the ego to have more of the control in our life.  Internal family systems may speak of these as different parts being more active instead of Self.  Whatever the psychological/spiritual theory behind this idea, the goal is to get back to that deeper part of ourself that we were once and are in our essence or essential nature.

We are all unique and that is what makes us all human. Society and religion has tried to make us all conform to a single-minded way to be acceptable in the world.  But our uniqueness is something to be celebrated and that deep part of our self is calling us to be ourselves, uniquely ourselves.  Parker Palmer says to let your life speak, what he is saying is to let that inner spark tell you what brings you aliveness, listen to the inner stirrings and they will guide you to the vocation that is right for you.  

My hope is that you will come to therapy to get an internal answer not an external answer, I see my role as helping you to find your inner guide. To loosen the conditions of worth that were put on you as you grew up, so you can become more and more the authentic you.

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